26 - 28 June, 2017 | Germany

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Report on Smart Cars Need Even Smarter On-Board Diagnostics

Higher levels of Advanced Driver Assist Systems, increased electrification and downsized turbocharged engines are becoming so sophisticated that even highly qualified technicians are struggling to diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Fortunately, new On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) technologies are being dep ...

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Top 5 Craziest OBD II Devices

While the OBD II port has been mandatory since the mid-nineties, it is only since the arrival of the smartphone that the general public has gained larger interest in it. Diagnostics for shade tree mechanics became as easy (and affordable) as never before. But in the meantime, use of the...

The Hackers Holy Grail - The OBD Has Manufacturers Worried

The article "The Hackers Holy Grail" written by Automotive IQ is presenting the threats and risks of OBD.Read about the following topics:Hackers with direct access to the vehicle wreak havocZubie's connected car service plugs into the OBD port and opens up communication with the cloudRegulators offer guidance

Interview with Matthias Weber, CEO from Roben Automotive

Find out about the latest developments in automotive diagnostics with this exclusive interview with Matthias Weber, CEO from Roben Automotive. Download the full interview here.

Interview with Mikael Lundström from SCANIA CV

Automotive IQ has spoken exclusively to Mikael Lundström, Expert Engineer OBD; Engine System Software at SCANIA CV in Sweden about the latest developments in automotive diagnostic systems.

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