International Conference Automotive Diagnostics Systems

Dear Colleague,

As its chairman it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the International Conference Automotive Diagnostic Systems. This conference provides us all with a fascinating opportunity to explore the future trends in diagnosis, to discuss the challenges we currently face as an industry, and hear about the exciting developments that new technologies and solutions will offer us moving forward. I am hence looking forward to, amongst others, presentations addressing the legislative challenges, cloud-based diagnostics, remote diagnostics, cyber security and mobile diagnostics strategies. I am delighted to see so many prestigious companies and talented speakers have agreed to give us an insight into their approaches and share their expertise at this conference. I urge you all to join us in Berlin to explore these topics.

Best Regards,

Philip Ward, Manager, Diagnostics & Service Products - Europe, Ford Motor Company Ltd., United Kingdom

1.Learn innovative approaches on the emergence of new diagnostics strategies to met the growing complexity that the area is currently facing

2.Get an all around approach to the latest evolution and achievements for diagnostics in a connected and automated world

3.Discover state of the art strategies on ODX/OTX standardisation for improved data exchange in order to improve and align your data quality

4.Understand the requirements for enhanced diagnostics design and ensure a unique experience for customer delight

5.Improve your diagnostics engineering by seamless integration of vehicle testing and validation, in manufacturing and after sales service refinement in the entire value chain

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